First things first: Baking is better with Gin!

Trust me on that! I tried to bake with and without gin and came with my experiments to the conclusion, that you do not only have more fun, if you are pretty drunk a lil tipsy when baking, but that also the outcome is better, because it’s more easy to follow your instinct, than to slavishly stick to a recipe.

To be very honest: I never measure anything. I don’t use a scale and I often replace ingredients by others, that are already in the house or that I can pronounce correctly – at least when I start drinking baking 🙂

Jokes aside, pour yourself a drink, have some loud music and don’t even think about acting like if you needed to clean the kitchen afterwards. In short: Forget everything that you learned in other blogs, tv or the IKEA catalog and have some fun!

Cheers to that!